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A style Mandolin Instrument

AMD-01 A Style Mandolin

Mahogany Mandolin

AMD-02 Mahogany Mandolin

Acoustic mandolin

AMD-03 Spruce Mandolin

Electric Mandolin

AMD-04 Electric Mandolin

Mandolin Accessories

Excellent Mandolin Accessories:

  • Quality Gig Bag
  • Digital Clip-on Tuner
  • One Set of Strings
  • 2 PCS of Guitar Picks
  • Polishing Cloth
  • One Hanger
  • One Mandolin Strap
  •  A great set for beginners to get started and learn
  • OEM logo on gig bag is welcome
  • MOQ: 100PCS
  • You may choose other items in mandolin set, such as gig bag+ mandolin; or all accessories in gig bag + mandolin
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      Why Choose Ariose Music for your mandolin supplies?

  • We are one of the top mandolin manufacturers of OEM brands in China.
  • Many top mandolin brands take OEM services from us.
  • MOQ<100 PCS
  • 10days delivery time in MOQ
  • Factory directly sale with competitive price
  • Many kids of mandolin and accessories for choosing

Mandolin Instrument Buying Guide

Many guitarists want to prefer the Mandolin instrument. Many people just love the sound of it and want to learn it. There are many professional mandolin instruments players also. That’s why mandolin instruments have a decent amount of demand in the market.

Mandolin Musical Instrument History

Mandolin musical instrument was first introduced in Italy in the 17th century. But in recent times, it has expanded from Europe to many other countries in the world. Various styles produce different sounds also. In Ariose Music, We manufacture Mandolin instruments for large to small brands and suppliers.

So, if you are a supplier or just looking for a mandolin musical instrument online, you have entered just the right place.

How Many Types of Mandolin Instruments are There in the World?

Whether you are a supplier or want to learn Mandolin instruments, you should know their types before you buy one. So, how many types of mandolin instruments are there?

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1. Classical/Bowl-back Mandolin

This mandolin instrument has a round back and is similar to their original Italian Mandolin. It has deeper tones and is often referred to as watermelon. The shape of this kind makes it perfect to operate.

2. Bluegrass Mandolin

Americans developed this type of mandolin instrument from the original one. It has two types, and both types have their unique shape and sound.

A-Style of F-Style

Both the styles have one thing in the common – flat back. Because of this new design style, the production cost of these styles is lesser than classical mandolins. As a result, most people prefer to buy this type of mandolin instrument.

In the early 19th century founder of Gibson, Orville Gibson invented both styles. He was inspired by the design shape of violins and applied that design to the Mandolin instrument. Both styles have become so popular that these days they have become the industry standard.

Some people argue that the only difference between these two types is the aesthetics. However, some players argue that the tone is different for the two types.

We will not argue with the sound quality but the price that mostly matters for buyers. A-type mandolin instrument is less expensive than F-type. Therefore, if you are a supplier and looking to invest in this instrument, starting with the less expensive one is better.

We offer both A-style and F-style mandolin, maintaining the industry standard. You can order any mandolin instrument, and we guarantee the industry standard that will definitely satisfy your customers.

sunburst mandolin instrument

Mandolin Type Instruments—Ariosemusic Sell

Type M1: Best seller item with 3 colors for choosing

M1 mandolin set

M1 mandolin set

Green mandolin


Green mandolin

Green mandolin


Top&Back: Basswood

Wood Type: Plywood

Neck&Bridge: Mahogany

Size: 28 inch

Finish: Glossy

Number of frets: 20

Color: Sunburst, or Black, Red, Green, or Customized color

Hand orientation: Right

Material of Strings: Nickle Steel

This style is much popular, the mandolin price is much competition in the world market.

Type M2: Electric Mandolin

electric mandolin set

electric mandolin set

  • 8-string mandolin traditional style mandolin in glossy red sunburst finish can be suitable for all styles of music.
  •  Right-handed mandolin with a mahogany body and solid wood bridge brings a warmer and brighter sound to you.
  • Chrome-plated closed gear tuners and tailpiece is to keep the mandolin always in tune and adjust the strings easier.
  • The mandolin comes with guitar picks, a digital clip-on tuner, extra strings, a strap, and a padded gig bag, which is perfect for beginners.

Mandolin for sale

Above two items are our best seller items also much popular in the market, also we have F style Mandolin.

A Style Mandolin Acoustic Electric Mandolins Instrument for Beginner Adults Red Sunburst Mahogany with Gig Bag Picks Strings Tuner Strap

Mandolin price

1)A-Style Mandolin Acoustic  Mandolins Instrument for Beginner Adults Mahogany with Gig Bag Picks Strings Tuner Strap, the price is about $40.0-$45 per set

2)A-Style Mandolin Acoustic Electric Mandolins Instrument for Beginner Adults  Sunburst Mahogany with Gig Bag Picks Strings Tuner Strap, the price is about $50-$60.0 per set. 

Details quotation according to the qty. please email us get a free quote: sales@ariosemusic.com

How does a Mandolin Instrument Manufacturer Meet Suppliers Demand?

OEM brands help many large to small brands to satisfy their customers with quality mandolin instruments. We have the infrastructure, supply chain that reduces their production cost. That’s why many companies prefer OEM brands for their mandolin, guitars, or other musical instruments.

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Here are the steps we follow in Ariose Music:

Order taking

Though it seems it is an easy thing to do, it’s not. Understanding the demand from the client is very crucial. Any misunderstanding at this step can create a disaster in the final production. That’s why we take this step very seriously.

Our sales team shares your requests with the technical and product management team. After confirming everything, we offer you the quotation and lead time.

Sending Sample

It is always better to get the sample before the final production. When you are working with Ariose Music, you don’t need to pay for the sample. We offer free samples for our clients. You will pay the shipping costs only, which is not too much for a single piece of mandolin instrument.

If you have any special customization requests, we will do so after you receive the sample and tell us what you need. And when everything is okay, then we will start our production journey.

Wood and Raw material Collection

Mandolin instruments are made of wood, and without top-quality wood, you can not achieve the desired quality. Our supply management team works with the best suppliers in China and collects the best wood according to your requirement.

Then we process the wood in our factory. Our quality control team closely looks after the woods and inspects them periodically. We also collect other raw materials from the best suppliers in China. As a top Mandolin instrument manufacturer, we know the importance of the quality of wood and raw materials and never compromise with that.

Final Production

When our product management team is satisfied with the raw materials, design, and other factors, they start the final production. There are many steps in the mandolin instrument manufacturing process.

We use the most recent technology and machines in our factory to manufacturer error-free mandolin instruments. Also, we have the best hands in China working for us. It doesn’t matter how good your machines are; you can not produce high-quality mandolin instruments without expert hands.


Musical instruments are sophisticated things, and any slight error can create a big disturbance in the sound quality. But that does not happen with us as we have our in-house inspection team. Our inspection team is full of experienced mandolin instrument experts.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging is as important as the manufacturing process. Any casual activity in packaging is enough to destroy your shipment. To avoid any unnecessary situation, we have a dedicated packaging section to pack your mandolin instruments.

Though shipping is not our responsibility, we also offer this service for our clients abroad. You can choose any shipping method, and we will help you to ship your goods. We prepare the documentation and instructions your freight forwarder will need while handling your package.

Why Choose Ariose Music for your Mandolin Instrument-Chinese Mandolin Instrument

  • Ariose music is the leading Chinese Mandolin Instrument OEM brand.
  • We are currently working with many top brands all over the world. Some of the top brands that we work with are Best Choice products, Fight ukuleles, Tiger ukuleles, Gorge Community Music,  BCP ukulelesKirsten, Kringer music, Guitar list dot com,   and many more.
  • We use the most updated technology and machines in our factory. Our factory is ready to produce any type of mandolin instrument.
  • We have the best mandolin instrument makers in our factory. Their experience and expertise are the main reason why we have so many clients all over the world.
  • We have a dedicated product development team. The team is continuously updating and upgrading our current products. We also research the market and find new trends and develop those products.
  • We have an in-house inspection team. The inspection team works in every section of the production, from raw material collection to final output. Besides, we always welcome any third-party inspection from our clients.
  • We have a minimum lead time. You can get your Mandolin instrument as fast as seven days after paying the bill.
  • You get a free sample from us.mandolin stringed instruments

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Your Lead Time?

Lead time depends on the shipping method. With air freight, you can receive your mandolin instrument within seven days after paying the bills.

2. Do You Have a Factory for Mandolin Instrument?

Yes, we have one of the most advanced Mandolin instrument factories in China. In addition to that, our factory is full of expert mandolin instrument makers.

3. What Is Your MOQ?

You can order a minimum of 100 pieces of Mandolin instruments.


As a leading OEM brand for musical instruments in China, we understand the requirements of suppliers and wholesalers. We can deliver precisely the kind of mandolin instrument you want for your shop.

If you are convinced, you can ask for a quotation or sample. If you want to know more about our mandolin instrument manufacturing process, please send us a message.

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