Drum & Percussion.

Drum & Percussion

Drums are some of the most widely used musical instruments and are required for most live music performances. Since force is applied while playing the drums, the drums and accessories have to be replaced more often. Hence both online and offline musical instrument retailers are interested in finding reliable suppliers of Drums Percussion at competitive rates. In addition to a wide range of electric drum sets to cater to the different skill levels and expertise, we also supply other items like drum pads and drumsticks which the drummer will require while playing the drums.

Wholesale and retail buyers can check our website to compare the specifications and prices of the different drum sets and accessories available before choosing suitable supplies. We also offer drop shipping services for online drum sellers who have their own store or are selling through marketplaces. The wide range of drum sets of good quality available at affordable prices, make us popular with customers worldwide.

Practice drum pad


All Bongo Drums

bongo drums for kids

5″ Kid’s Bongo Drums

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baby bongo drums wood

5″ Baby Bongo Drums

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kid size bongo drums

4″ & 5″ Bongo Drums

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bongo drums for toddlers

4″ & 5″ Bongo Drums

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small bongo drums for sale

5″ & 6″ Bongo Drums

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wooden bongo drums

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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Professional Red Wooden Bongo Drum

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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professional bongo drums

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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Bongo Drums For Sale

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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Best Bongo Drums For Beginners

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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Double Bongo Drums

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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Buy Bongo Drums

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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cheap bongo drums

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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Bongo 7 inch X 8 inch Kids Adults Hand Drum Set

7″ & 8″ Bongo Drums

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Large Bongo Drums

7″ & 8″ Bongo Drums

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conga drum set

Conga Drum Set

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custom Bongo drum

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Drum Practic Pads

drum practice pad
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12 Drum Practice Pad
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Beginner Drum Practice Pad
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Practice Drumming Pad
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Practice Pad Drum Kit
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Practice Pad Drum Set
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12-inch Silent Drum Practice Pad Set
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Drum Practice Pad with Snare Drum Stand
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8 inch Practic Drum Pad Stand
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12 inch Practic Drum Pad Stand
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Types Of Custom Drumsticks

Nylon Drum Sticks

Nylon Custom Drumsticks

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Light up drumsticks

Acrylic Custom Drumsticks

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Metal Drum Sticks

Aluminum Custom Drumsticks

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Maple Drumsticks

Maple Custom Drumsticks

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Oak Drumsticks

Oak Custom Drumsticks

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Hickory Drumsticks

Hickory Custom Drumsticks

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Drumstick Rods

 Custom Drumsticks Rods

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Drum Brushes

 Custom Drum Brushes

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Nylon Drum brushes

Custom Nylon Brushes

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Drum Percussion – The Full FAQ Guide

For any aspiring artist, buying the first drum set is an amazingly thrilling experience. Whether you want to introduce that incredible rhythm to your brand or you want to start your kid on the drum at a tender age, this is the place to be!

Having drumming gear is a great asset that enables you to nurture your musical talent. However, if you are an armature, there are some things you should take into consideration before acquiring to ensure you have the best equipment that will rock out. So take a seat and relax – because this article will walk you through all you need to know before purchasing your first electronic drum set. Read on.

Steel Tongue Drum

steel Tongue Drum supplier

Steel Tongue Drum as the Educational Instruments

Also known as a steel drum. The drum is made of cylindrical steel. Sometimes, it can be made from a hollow propane tank. This percussion instrument produces sound through vibrations. The steel tongue is a very melodic percussion instrument and is excellent valued for its tranquil sounds. The drum is also easy to play and requires no particular skill. Anyone can use only one and play with tongues, equivalent to the number of notes it can produce. When playing the drum, you can either use your hands or mallets, and it has a bell-like sound.

Although the instrument was invented many decades ago, it has been modified to fit the current age using propane tanks. Lots of modifications have been made to the device to guarantee quality sound.

Practice Drum Pad

Ariose Practice Drum Pads

A percussion instrument that percussionists and drummers use for rehearsal or warming up before the event. Most percussionists rehearse primarily using practice drum pads. These instruments have adjusted to meet the needs of diverse percussion drums.

Different types of practice pads have been made to help percussionists today. Such apparatuses may sometimes include using an entire disk of mylar or an element like the material used in the making of actual drumheads. Practice pads instruments can be designed in different sizes and shapes. However, a typically designed pad can be ideal due to compactness and trivial for portability.

Electronic Drum Set

Electronic Drum set for kids

Electronic Drum set for kids

An electronic drum set is a modern electronic musical instrument, mainly intended to substitute for the acoustic drum kit and other percussion tools. An electronic drum set is made of a computerized or electronic sound module that produces sampled or combined beats. It also has some electric sensors and pads to produce sounds. Like typical drums, the pads are struck by hands or using drum sticks, dependent on the drum pad’s nature. The pads are played similarly to an acoustic drum kit.

Electronic drum sets are designed differently to meet every player’s desire. Maybe you would like to have regular practices at home, but you are afraid of making a noise. Or perhaps you are an experienced drummer who requires consistency, performance, and controller over the sound.

Below are some of the five frequently asked questions electric drum set buyers always ask before making their purchase.

  • What Is a Steel Tongue Drum/Practice Drum Pad/Electronic Drum Set Manufacturer?

There are companies attached to the production of percussions. Yamaha company is a Japanese international firm and business which provides many products and services. Yamaha is a well-established brand that is becoming more advanced. Over the past years, the company has produced quality drum percussions that have established them as one of the industry’s notable names, with an endless list of followers. Yamaha is also known to dabble in a wide range of artistic endeavors. The company boasts of specializing in drummers and nothing but drummers. Their drums are designed using AShwood, bringing a quick, great tone with each strive. They also provide a permanent warranty on their products.

Yamaha is smart with its production techniques at very affordable prices and still deliver a world-class kit. To give you a great product, they use various ply to experiment with their drum percussions before bringing them into the market.

  •   What Materials Are Used in Making Drum Percussions?

To produce quality sound, several drums are musically struck with different devices. For smaller drums, beaters like wooden sticks are used, while in larger drums, expanded wooden hammers are used. To ensure different sounds, wired brushes are used.

Globally, many drums with different shapes and shapes are used. The materials used to make drums have remarkably changed over the past years. The drum heads were mainly made using animal skin. However, most drums are made of plastics like mylar and polyester. Polyethylene terephthalate is the most commonly used type of polyester since it is strong and waterproof. It’s also resistant to heat and sunlight.

The drum shells are mainly made from poplar wood or maple, although there are synthetic and metal versions nowadays. Brass, steel, bronze, and aluminum are mostly used to manufacture drum percussions, while plastic is used in artificial shells.

  •   Qualities of A Good Drum Percussion Manufacturer

Getting a quality drum set is very easy provided you know where to look, and you have some knowledge about every manufacturer and the level of quality each provides. For instance, you may get a drum kit with massively high quality, which brings the actual concert sound. If you treasure your music career, you will look for an electronic drum set with good sound, good appearance, and a solid design. A good manufacturer should offer such products. The manufacturer should be all-inclusive, i.e., gives varieties that cover both beginners and experts.

A good manufacturer should offer affordable drums. Most drum set manufacturers are damn expensive since the production consumes much time, energy, and materials. But some brands have advanced to provide a more practical experience.

Whether you are looking for an affordable set or the best drum percussion in the market, good manufacture should be able to provide you with what you want.

  • Why work with ariose Music?

Ariose Music is the leading supplier of musical instruments in China. The company has been offering world-class musical instruments to their vast customer base all over the world. Throughout its years of operation, the company has managed to meet the needs of artists, songwriters, and studios. Even upcoming musicians have not been left behind with their assorted products, including Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, and many more.

As the chief Chinese supplier of musical instruments, the company is focused on offering the highest quality instruments at friendly prices to its clients worldwide. Ariose is committed to developing quality products, provide excellent services, and world-class customer service.

Ariose boasts of well-established skilled personnel with many years of experience. Their team is well equipped to produce the best tailored and customized products in the market. Quality, reliability, honesty, conscience, and steadfastness are the core values of the company.

The company focuses on becoming a chief player in the qualified musical instrument provider industry by chasing higher eminence products’ objectives and the highest service values. Ariose provides express shipping for small quantity items, air shipping for medium-sized products, and sea shipping for large quantities.

Placing an order is never a headache. All you need to do is to send an inquiry of the items you need. Their representatives will then advise you on the appropriate shipping method. At this time, you’ll only be required to confirm your payment, and then you sit and relax as you wait for your order to be delivered.

Upon placing your order, the Ariose Music staff will give you a piece of detailed information concerning your orders. You will get real-time updates of each step until it reaches your doorstep. You will also be advised accordingly about the shipping rates. ArioseMusic is committed to offering a one-stop service to expand their market to reach every corner of the world. The company boasts of a lasting collaboration with more than 150 producers of musical instruments.

ArioseMusic is a company that assembles several musical instruments and accessories for their clients. If you are looking for any musical accessory or device, you know your caring partner? Ariose Music is the place to visit.

Can Ariose Music produce quality drum percussion?

ArioseMusic satisfies the needs of everyone in the music industry. The company produces quality musical instruments at affordable prices. Ariose Music has earned a name in the music industry as the chief supplier of all drum percussions and other musical instruments. Ariole is a reliable company known for its commitment to quality products. With the super-fast delivery, the company continues to top the list of suppliers in China and the world.

Buyers can check on the company website for retail and wholesale prices. You can also compare and confirm the costs and specifications before making an order. They have a wide range of quality drum sets at affordable prices. Always feel free to contact their friendly customer care.

A good instrument is the true definition of a real musician. Imagine getting a high-quality device that suits your budget. That’s great. You can always feel comfortable while playing your instrument, knowing that Ariole Music got you covered. Both music amateurs and experts are always looking for high-quality tools at a better price.


Where Are Most Drumsticks Manufactured And Made?

Most drumsticks are manufactured and made in China. With a $9.3 billion industry experiencing a 7.4% industry increase from 2015 to 2020, China’s instrument manufacturers are experiencing a boom in exports and domestic sales.

Other major countries involved in drumstick manufacturing include Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, the United States, and Canada.



What Is The History Of Drumsticks?

Some of the earliest drumsticks may have originated in China and Central Asia. There is evidence of a single-headed drum played with a drumstick at Bezeklik (in Xinjiang, China) dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries A.D.

Other early drumstick evidence has been found in Astana (what is now Nur-Sultan) Kazakhstan, roughly around the same period. In the 18th and 19th centuries, drumsticks made of different woods including beefwood and ebony — were used for orchestral and military purposes.

In the late 1950s, American manufacturers developed drumsticks with nylon tips. These tips were more resistant to damage and had a brighter sound than wooden tips.

Over time, manufacturers worldwide developed drumsticks with different shaft and tip designs and materials, including vinyl, oak, hickory, and maple — leading to the diversity of drumstick styles found today.

What Are Some Common Drumstick Making Supplies And Materials?

Drumsticks consist of a tip, shoulder, shaft, and butt — the latter three mostly made of the same materials.

Common materials for drumstick tips include wood (if the drumstick is fully wooden), nylon, felt, and acetal (polyoxymethylene).

Common materials for drumstick shafts include hickory, maple, birch, and oak wood, as well as aluminum and carbon fiber.

Can You Purchase Drumsticks Wholesale?

Yes, you can buy drumsticks wholesale, mostly through online wholesalers. Common order sizes are 50 pieces, 144 pairs, 200 pieces, 400 pieces, and 500 pairs.

Larger wholesale drumstick orders can include 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000-pair order sizes.

What Materials Are Used In Student and Professional Drumsticks?

Student and professional drumsticks can be made of similar materials, though student drumsticks tend to be lighter and thinner. Common drumstick materials are discussed below.


Wood is the traditional drumstick material and usually comes in three varieties, maple, hickory, and oak.

Maple wood is a low-density, lightweight wood that can be used effectively to produce low-volume sounds, especially during practice sessions. It is also suitable for electronic drum sets.

Maple Drumsticks

                 Maple Drumsticks

Hickory wood is heavier and denser than maple and can produce heavier-sounding beats at a greater volume. It is also one of the most popular woods used for drumsticks.

fitness Drumsticks

fitness Drumsticks

Oakwood is the heaviest and densest drumstick wood and produces a darker, deeper sound than other woods. It also provides a high resistance that can be felt by the drummer on each strike.


Nylon is used for drumstick tips, and can also be used in drumstick shafts. In comparison to wooden tips, nylon produces a brighter, sharper sound. Nylon tips are shaped into different tip designs and fastened on the end of a drum shaft. The sound is also noted for being longer-lasting than wood.


Aluminum drumsticks are hollow-bodied and lighter than wooden drumsticks. They produce somewhat lighter sounds than wooden drumsticks and reverberate more quickly — reducing the energy needed to play faster tempos.

Unlike wooden drumsticks, aluminum drumsticks will not dent, crack, or bend quite as easily. Finally, aluminum alloys can also be made into wire brush heads.

Who Is The Best Drumsticks Supplier In China?

Suzhou Ariose Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. (located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China) is considered one of the best drumstick suppliers in China. This company has been a wholesale supplier of a wide variety of drumsticks for over 10 years.

Why Trust Ariose Music For Your Retail And Wholesale Drumsticks?

Suzhou Ariose Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. has a wide range of available drumsticks for a variety of purposes. The company produces drumsticks in multiple materials, including nylon, aluminum, hickory, and maple wood.

The company’s drumsticks are also available for student and professional use, with neon, aluminum wire brush, luminous, fluorescent, jazz, nonslip, and practice drumsticks available.

Finally, those interested in purchasing products wholesale can purchase from 144 to 5,000 pairs of drumsticks at a time, at gradually reduced prices for larger orders.