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Ariose Music Violin Factory is a professional stringed instrument supplier. They have been sustaining this concept from the start. They relentlessly target to keep timely delivery and high-quality instruments in their company. Ariose Music is well known for its consistency, reliability, and quality over time.

Ariose Music has offered stringed instruments for over 15 years. They offer a one-stop procedure for purchasing musical instruments. They have handled and enlarged the market share. This in turn made their quality control process very strong. Ariose Music, they are committed to professional integrity, ethics, and high standard production. They are in this market with a long-time partnership with their manufacturers. They have more than 50 violin manufacturers associated with them who also manufacture violin accessories. Ariose Music offers various quality levels of Violas, Violins, Cello, and their accessories to fulfill their client’s requirements.

For all the violin lovers, beginners, intermediate, and experts, you have come to the right spot for the top and best violin supplies. They have a VIOLIN SUPPLIER SERVICE: DROP-SHIPPING / ONE-STOP PURCHASING for a decent price.


Violins come in different makes, sizes, the materials used, quality, hand or machine-made, and price. However, they stand out primarily in 3 different categories when it is based on the learning levels. They are beginner, intermediate, and expert.


A beginner violin is generally made from wood without much handwork. These woods are of low quality and do not comprise high-level assembly, finishing, or carving. They possess plastic parts like chinrests and tuning pegs. For anyone interested in Violin learning, this is the type of instrument that suits them best. It endures the play for a decent time and also depends on how often and roughly it is used. They are usually priced from 30 to 100 dollars.


This is a violin for mid-level learners. It fills the gap between experts or professionals and students. These are instruments that offer more than what a beginner needs but not so much as a professional. These are for individuals who are not prepared to put in thousands for an expert violin. A student/learner who is advancing his or her violin playing skills is right to purchase these violins. It offers refined playability and tone for an advanced student.


Also known as master violins, these violins are built from slow-dried and cold-grown wood. They are hand-built and master assembled. Their material quality is very good and the components are sturdy. Wooden tailpieces, ebony fingerboards, and so on are some of the components of such a violin. The materials are excellent and they are made with artistic skill. Their refined make makes these violins hold their price and value. This is what makes them right for experts and advanced/aspiring violin players/musicians. These violins generate balanced response and resonance which is a demand amongst violinists.


Ariose Music is one of the leading violin suppliers that supply high quality, durable, and affordable violins. If you are looking for the best, this is where you are going to get the best. You can select them according to your level of learning and that suits your personal preference. Have a great play.

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“Experience is the best teacher,” and that’s true in the Violins Supplier industry. you would want to find a Violin Supplier that’s not only skilled but also experienced in the art of producing or manufacturing Violins.


As a professional Violin Supplier, ArioseMusic has provided its clients with a one-stop purchasing service, managed to enlarge its market share, and strengthened its unique quality control system. We have covered a range of products: Violin, Violas, Cellos, and related accessories for meeting all customer’s requirements.


Our mission is to provide wonderful development opportunities for our clients through our excellent service and superior products. we are proud that we have the capability to customize products and services for our clients in different markets all over the world.

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Where to find the Best Violin Supplier in China?

A journey into the making of the Chinese violin…

As the world’s largest violin industry group, Huangqiao Town has been the world’s No. 1 in violin sales for 25 sequential years.

During the European Renaissance 500 years ago, in Cremona, a small town close to Milan, Italy, luthiers made the world’s first current violin. From that point forward, it has become a mecca for violin makers around the world and has created many master violin makers and several famous violins that have been passed down right up ’til today.

500 years later, Huangqiao Town in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, China, is called the “Cremona of the East”. Consistently, more than 700,000 violins are delivered here, and the greater part of them are offered to more than 90 European and American nations, accounting for 30% of the global market.

Huangqiao Town isn’t just the “capital of China’s violin industry”, yet additionally the world’s largest violin creation base.

This makes it hard to imagine, a previous “baked cake” famous by the ordinary rural town, a few and Western music is totally unrelated to the farmers, how and the alleged “sovereign of musical instruments” violin resonance?

Ariose Music Violin Supplier – The Full FAQ Guide

Looking for violin suppliers in the market today could be challenging.

From distinguishing if the materials they use are high quality – to assessing whether or not they follow correct guidelines, you need to check on everything.

In this complete FAQ guide, you’ll not only learn about violins; we will also help you understand how you can work with the best violin suppliers today.

Where are Most Violins Manufactured and Made?

Most of the world’s violins are made in China, most are from Huangqiao Town – that’s a fact.

Where are Most Violins Manufactured and Made

Several manufacturers that aren’t Chinese also manufacture and produce their violins in China.

Why? – Because supplies in the country are cheap and inexpensive.

When we are speaking of quality, the best violins – both for students and professionals, are made in Germany and other countries in Europe.

A Brief History of the Violin

Violins have first been created in the 16th century (the 1500s) and it continues to be the most popular instrument as of today.

HIstory of Violin

The first violins aren’t the violins we now know of today – they’ve evolved from a wide array of stringed instruments such as the lira that is pear-shaped, a rabab with two strings, a 3-stringed rebec, and many more.

This evolution started when Italian and French people thought creating instruments would actually live longer and leave a legacy.

Violins that we know of today appeared in the early to the mid-16th centuries in Northern Italy. With that comes the evolution of its sound from sounding like tin that’s being struck to the expressive and emotional sound we know of it today.

Violin Making Supplies and Materials

There is a myriad of materials and supplies you can use to make and craft violins.

Violin Making Supplies and Materials

Among the most important ones include:

  • Ebony
  • Bushings
  • Lapping and Bow Grips
  • Wood Steel
  • Glue
  • Plastics

Different types and kinds of violins are made from different materials. There is not a singularity in manufacturing a violin.

Can You Purchase Violins Wholesale?

Yes, there are certain manufacturers that actually offer violin wholesale.

Can You Purchase Violins Wholesale

Note, though, that you have to mention this to the violin supplier. More often than not, purchasing violins wholesale can give you tremendous discounts and lower rates.

What are the Parts of a Violin?

A lot of people think that the parts of a violin are similar to the parts of a guitar.

What are the Parts of a Violin_

In reality, though, they are not. Here are the parts of a violin:

Violin Scroll

The violin scroll is what sits at the top of a violin. If you turn a violin sideways, you’ll see it resembling a scroll that is rolled up.

Violin scrolls add aesthetics to the violin; it doesn’t really help with the sound or the performance.

Peg and Peg Box

The pegs are pointed pins that hold the strings together.

You use the pegs to tune the strings to how they should be tuned.

The pegbox, on the other hand, is what holds the pegs in place; you can find it just below the scroll.

In a guitar, this is called the “headstock.”


Nuts in a violin function similar to the nuts of the guitar. It’s what helps the strings on a violin stop at a point.

It’s a complementary part for the pegs and the bridge of a violin.

Neck + Fingerboard

The neck and the fingerboard are at the same place as the violin.

The neck is just the part where the strings lay; it’s the physical and the longest part of a violin. Fingerboards are the thin piece of the exterior that is located at the surface of the neck.

It’s dubbed as “fingerboard” because it’s where a violinist’s finger runs, stopping it from vibrating.


The strings are like the heart of the violin. They’re responsible for the sounds that it makes!

They’re metal parts or strands that run across the neck of a violin.

Upper Bout Bridge

The upper bout bridge is a part of the violin where the body meets the neck.

This part is important because it’s the base part where the sound of a violin resonates.

Center Bout Bridge

It’s the part where the violin curves form the upper bout (neck-part of the violin).

You use the center bout bridge as the support for when you play the violin.


You can find the tailpiece of the violin at the edge of the body and is usually made from rosewood, ebony, or boxwood.

It’s where the strings are attached; or what holds everything in the violin together.  


Looking down at a violin, the F-holes are the holes that are at the center of the center bout of the violin.

The F-holes are important as they assist in the production of frequency and circulation of air.

These are the main parts of a violin. Some violin suppliers might have different styles and different aesthetics, but these are the important parts of a violin.

How is Violin Made?

As we know, violins can be made by automatic machines or it can be handcrafted.

Instrument Maker

 A worker shedding a violin, surfacing it for it to be balanced

But, to give you the general structure of how violin suppliers manufacture violins, here’s a quick summary:

  1. The base material is cut (maple, rosewood, etc.) and cut in half to expose the grains
  2. Then, glue is used, and more often than not, it’s made from animal hide
  3. After that, they glue the half-cut base material together
  4. Next, the shape of the violin is traced; and the ribs are attached to the sides of the violin
  5. The shape of the violin is now finalized, which is then finished using varnish or other finishing materials
  6. Next, the neck is added. Most violin suppliers make the initial balancing of the entire violin in this process.
  7. After that, everything else is added. It also undergoes a final inspection where they’ll check if the violin would give the sound that it’s ought to produce.

That’s the general structure of how violin manufacturers produce violins; whether handmade or using machines, the general process goes like this.

Which Violin Manufacturers Make the Best Violins?

The ever-famous brands that manufacture violins are:

  • Cecilio
  • Mendini
  • Fiddlerman
  • Z. Strad
  • Kennedy Violins

Based on feedback and client-retention, you can consider them the best violin suppliers.

The top-notch quality they’re offering is what allows them to price all of their products higher than how other brands do.

Violin Manufacturers in China

You will be able to find a lot of good violin suppliers in China.

china violin supplier                                 Ariose Music’s manufacturing plant for violins

There are world-renowned brands such as Lin Dian-Wei, Feng Jiang, David Lien – among others.

Take note, though, that these suppliers/manufacturers are already established. What this basically means is that they can demand a high price for their products.

But do they have the quality that most of us are looking for? – That brings us to our next question, which is…

Are Violins Made in China Good?

Yes, China-made violins are of top-notch quality.

Contrary to popular belief that Chinese products are all low-quality, violins that are produced and manufactured in China actually beat all other countries’.

Most of the supplies in China are cheap, making “lucrative-priced” supplies in other places just regular prices in China.

Therefore, you can expect that products that are manufactured in the country are inexpensive and more affordable in comparison to the rates of other countries.

How Much is a Decent Violin?

Different violins have different prices.

For instance, a beginner violin can have a starting price of $100.

However, there are violins that are upwards of $200 that are nearing the level of professional violins.

Rates for student or beginner violins can play around $100 to $500. Professional violins, on the other hand, can be within the range of $1,200 in retail to $3,500.

To ensure the decency of the violin you are to purchase, you can consider its make, its country of origin, as well as the brand.

Best Violin Brands for Beginners

While this doesn’t hold much difference, choosing an expensive brand might not be wise.

Ariose Music’s beginner or student violin

 Ariose Music’s beginner or student violin

Here are some of the best brands for students or beginner-level violin-players:

  • Cremona
  • Mendini
  • Stentor
  • Scott Cao

Brands like Yamaha, D.Z. Strad, Louis Carpini Primo, and the like are best for experienced or for professional violin players – all because of their prices and technicality.

Difference Between a Student Violin and a Professional Violin

Difference Between Student and Professional Violin

 A student violin (right) and a professional violin (left)

To be frank, there’s no technical difference between the two. The only differences they have would be between the following:

  • How they’re made
  • Materials used
  • Finishing or the polishing procedure

How Student and Professional Violins are Made

More often than not, professional violins are handcrafted. This is what makes them last longer than regular or student violins.

Everything is set in place accurately and precisely.

Student violins, on the other hand, are often made via cutting machines. However, don’t have the false idea that they’re not made with care, they still are.

What’s important with student violins would be functionality, not the finesse or the perfection of each part. Balancing might not be as perfect as how it would be for professional violins.

What Materials are Used in Student and Professional Violins

Student violins are usually made with cheap hardwoods or boxwood.

New student violins perform as well as professional ones, but over time, you’ll feel the shortcomings of these student violins.

The finishing is sprayed using machines instead of being hand-applied.

Professional violins are usually made from maple, rosewood, ebony – even-aged spruce. The pegs are usually made from ebony, which is perfect in terms of consistency even in usage.

In summary, student and professional violins differ when it comes to quality and performance.

When it comes to sound quality, longevity, and durability – as well as how it would cope every single time you use it.

Who is the Best Violin Supplier in China?

Ariose Music has been China’s top violin manufacturer for almost 2 decades.


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