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4″ & 5″ Bongo Drums

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6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums

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7″ & 8″ Bongo Drums

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bongo drums for sale

6″ & 7″ Bongo Drums Set

You can enjoy the sounds of percussion with the ArioseMusic Wooden Bongo Drums, the set also comes with a glossy finish perfectly hand-crafted pair of drums for beginners and experienced drummers. Compact and lightweight which makes it relatively easier to be moved around. Perfect for both beginners and experienced players of all ages.

  • ♪ Hand-selected buffalo skin heads — The drum head is use natural animal skins, the response you get is full of dynamic warmth and depth along with sharp highs,6” + 7” drum head configuration, which is convenient for players to play the different timbre. This size is also the most portable size.
  • ♪ Package Content: 6 “+7” bongo drum x 1, Tuning Wrench x 1, Light Weight Hard Bag x 1
bongo drums for kids

7″ and 8″ Bongo Drums Set

From burning man essential to student dorm staple, bongo drums are now intrinsically linked into our culture.

Portable and instantly accessible to all age groups. Bongos have been used in every type of music genre, from Marvin Gaye to tech house and everything in between.

  • Authentic Skin Heads
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Head Size: 7 inches and 8 inches
  • Natural Gloss Finish
  • Includes Padded Carry Case and Tuning Key

ArioseMusic Factory Tour

When you visit our page, we know that you are looking for suitable Bongo Drums. Yes, we are the ones.

  • Do you have any min quantities requirements?

    Yes, we do. the min qty is 100pcs, which also can be combined with some more models.

  • How about your lead time (production period)?

    It depends on your qty and models. Normally, also to the beginning level musical instruments, we can offer you the order in about 20 days; as to the handmade musical instruments, which will be finished in about 30-40days for about 20″ container. so we will tell you the detailed time when you place an order.

  • How to pay for the order? 

    We will agree T/T payment term of 30% in advance for the order. and the balance will be paid before sending the shipment.

  • Is there any special service for the big quantities order?

    Yes of course. We will keep you getting the best price and offer some extra OEM & ODM Services.

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Because we’re always here and do it. When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefit of 10 years experience of with exported musical


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Because we can give you a guarantee of high quality, in-time delivery and payment, and excellent after-sales service, and the quality of products is guaranteed by our unique quality control system.

The Best Bongo drums Factory in China

Are you looking for the best bongo drums for your business? If so, then you have landed on the right page. There are thousands of bongo drums that can confuse you for any business. But do not worry, we are here to help you to get rid of your confusion because we are the top music instrument equipment supplier in China with the best bongo drums.

Bongo drums, also called bongos in Spanish, are an Afro-Cuban instrument with the percussion classification. They are made of two single-headed only drums that are attached to each other. Among them, the larger one is known as “Hembra” and the smaller one is called “Macho”.

The upper part of the drum has a stretched membrane that vibrates at every stroke and creates sound this way.

Bongo drums came from a rich history when folklore music was available in Eastern Cuba in, 19th century. You will find bongo drum sets among different jazz music, mambo, techno, hip-hop, rumba, etc.

Now, the question is, where can you get the best manufacturers of bongo drums?

No need to worry! Ariosemusic manufacturers welcome you. Also, we always put our professionalism and production in the best class possible. We manufacture good quality bongo drums that will be suitable for your business.

bongo drum

bongo drum

How Does A Bongo Drums Manufacturer Work With Suppliers?

Bongo drums manufacturing can take some time before supplying them to you. Without proper manufacturing, your bongo drum sets can be inadequate. So, quality should be the major aspect and we always focus on that.

Here are the functionalities that we follow to provide you with the best bongo drums ever

Bongo Drums with bag

Bongo Drums with bag

Bongo Drums

bongo drums for kids

1. Receiving Queries And Understanding The Requirements

This is the first major thing that we, the OEM brands do which is to get and understand the following requirements of the wholesale bongo drums. The dedicated team of Ariose Music gets the requirements of the clients and forwards them to the design team. Also, they work with the project management team to fulfill every need of them.

2. Sending Sample

We always focus on providing the best products possible to our wholesale buyers. In order to proceed with the requirements, first, we provide samples to our clients similar to their specifications. There is no charge for the samples in Ariose Music, only the shipping charge is taken from you.

If the customer says okay, then we go with our plan. If they ask for any changes in the bongo drums, then we do those necessary changes and send them the final products.

3. Raw Material Purchasing

To produce the best bongo drum sets, we always purchase the best and authentic quality materials. From hardwood to fiberglass, we provide everything with delicacy and that is why you will find our products worth it. Our quality control team makes sure about the purchasing team gets the best material.

4. Processing

When it comes to the construction and processing of raw materials like woods, drum shells, hoops, etc, we put proper treatment. Our bongo drums are manufactured with delicacy and professionalism. We always care about the quality. Hence, we ensure whether the bongo drums are well-structured or not.

5. Production

It is very important to look at every step of the product carefully. To manufacture the best quality bongo drums, the manufacturing factory waits for the green signal from the project leading team. We always make sure about the latest machinery that is needed to produce good quality bongo drums.

6. Quality Control

Ensuring the quality of the manufactured products is essential. Without the quality control team, the produced goods are at stake. You can get products that are not even well made by those manufacturers. So, to provide you with every bongo drum with the best quality, we have a quality control team who are always checking the quality of the production.

7. Packaging

You will see many companies do not provide good packaging. Even if they make good quality materials, for lousy packaging, your goods can get hampered while getting shipped as they are fragile.

But do not worry, we have a packaging team who are providing the best packaging and shipping products all over the world.

8. Shipping

Shipping can be done by us with good and well-known shippers. It does not provide the manufacturers any profit as it is not a manufacturer’s responsibility. But you can pick any shipping method at a cheap price from us.

The rules stated above are all followed by us with professionalism and sincerity. That is the reason why we are known as the expert bongo drums manufacturers around the globe.

Why Choose Ariosemusic Bongo Drums?

  • We are one of the most popular OEM factories with top brands around the world. Some of the major brands (BCP, Tiger, Fight, etc.) get their bongo drums from us.
  • To produce the best quality bongo drums, we always equip skilled professionals who can maintain the procedures in the best way possible.
  • Our custom-designed bongo drum sets can make you amazed and willing to buy. If you want us to manufacture customized bongo drums, we can do that for you too.
  • Our product development team always researches the market and provides up-to-date market analysis to us. Hence, we can provide you with the best bongo drums possible.
  • The factory with the best quality control team can produce the best products. We believe ours is the best of all and you can have a look by yourself by taking our products.
  • We provide free samples before your final order placement (excluding shipping fees).
  • We have an easy shipping method and a reasonable price rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Provide The Best Bongo Drums For Beginners?

Yes, we can provide you with the best bongo drums for beginners. For percussion, bongo drums can be helpful for beginners. For beginners, there are hardwood bongo drums that can help them to produce the best sounds.

And the best experience will hold the beginners to play bongo drums for a long time. Also, there is semi-hardwood too.

If your business is looking for the best bongo drums for beginners, then the hardwood bongo drums are suggested for you. And yes, Ariosemusic can provide these drums to you for your business.

2. Do You Have A Factory Of Bongo Drums?

Yes, we do have our own bongo drums factory where we manufacture the best bongo drums. We are one of the leading OEM brands in China.

3. What Is Your MOQ?

You can order 100 pieces of the wholesale bongo drums.

4. What Is Your Lead Time For Wholesale Bongo Drums?

Depending on the shipping method, we can ensure you with the lead time. If it is via air freight, you can get your products within a week. But for sea or train freight, the lead time can vary a lot. At that point, the lead time depends on the carrier and the distance.

Final Words

Bongo drums are great instruments to play different musical melodies. The popularity of bongo drums is always at a high peak. So, if you want to invest in bongo drums or want to buy bongo drums wholesale, you can always send us a message. One of our experts will shortly talk to you.

If you have any thoughts, let us know.

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