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Beginner Classical Guitar

The kid’s guitar is the ideal starter guitar for beginners and children due to its softer nylon strings in comparison to steel strings on an acoustic guitar, making it far easier on your fingertips. as a classical guitar sale, Our classical guitars also have wider necks, making it easier to place your fingers in the correct place. our 30″ classical guitar also can be a kids’ toy guitar.

We offer a huge range of colorful finishes and sizes including ¼, ½, ¾, and 4/4, with not only some great choices of painting, but also some fantastic prices to wholesale and distributors. if you are a beginner classical guitar music store or online shop or branded wholesale, our classical guitar factory is your best choice.

Beginner Classical Guitar

  • MOQ:100PCS
  • Delivery time: in 30days according to order qty
  • Style: Classical Guitar
  • Top/Back/Side :Material: Linden
  • Neck: Maple
  • Bridge: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Plywood
  • Size: 1/4, 1/2, 2/3 Classical Guitar
  • Classical Guitar Set includes: Gig bag, Straps, Picks, String, Plectrum
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Competitive Price Beginners Classical Guitar Series

classical guitar accessories

ACG-01 38 “Classical Guitar

classical guitars for kids

ACG-02 39″Classical Guitars

38 inch Classical Guitar

ACG-03 Classical Guitar Set

36 inch Classical guitar

ACG-04 36″Classical Guitars

34 inch classical guitar set

ACG-05 34″ Classical Guitars

kids Classcial guitar

ACG-06 30″Kids’ Guitar

Quality Beginners Classical Guitar Series

basswood guitar

ACG-07 39″Classical Guitars

36 inch guitar

ACG-08 3/4 Size Classical Guitars

plywood guitar

ACG-09 4/4 Size Classical Guitars

Cutway Classical guitar

ACG-10 Cutway Classical Guitars

best custom guitars

ACG-11 39″ Classical Guitars

39" classical guitars

ACG-12 39″ Classical Guitars

guitar accessories

Classical Guitar Accessories

if you choose the above classical guitar and want to add some accessories to be one set, you may choose these accessories in it.

  1. Nylon guitar strings or steel guitar strings
  2. Guitar capos
  3. Guitar picks
  4. Guitar straps
  5. Guitar Cable
  6. Guitar Tuner
  7. Guitar Picks
  8. Guitar Pickup
  9. Guitar Stand
  10. Guitar gig bags
  11. Guitar string winder
  12. and so on…
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Why Choose ArioseMusic Beginner Classical Guitar

When you visit our page, we know that you are looking for suitable Guitar Factories. Yes, we are the ones. Ariose Guitars is one of the largest manufacturers of string instruments in China. our beginner classical guitar factory is located in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, here is kids’ toy guitar production base. our guitar factory OEM more brands guitar buyers including BCP, Tiger, Rockjam, Flight music Live Music and etc.

  • MOQ<100 PCS
  • OEM brand is welcome
  • 10days delivery time in MOQ
  • Factory directly sale with competitive price
  • Many kids of beginner classical guitar  accessories for choosing

Question About Beginner Classical Guitar in China??

Beginner classical guitar is the best musical instrument to introduce your child to the world of music. Besides, adults can also learn guitar using beginner classical guitar.

Ariose music is a leading beginner classical guitar OEM brand in China. We manufacture some of the best guitars for kids. Many top brands around the world love our best classical guitars.

Classical guitars are the best way to learn guitars, and that is why these guitars have lots of market value.

If you are a guitar wholesaler or supplier and looking for a beginner classical guitar OEM supplier, you have landed just the right place.

Features of the Beginner Classical Guitar


A classical guitar for a beginner is much broader than acoustic guitars. In most cases, beginners classical guitar’s fretboard lacks the inlay fret markings or dot along the fingerboard, which is standard on acoustic guitars.


The body shape of a beginner classical guitar is symmetrical, and you will not see cutaways for higher notes. However, you will see the cutaway design in some modern classical guitars.


Strings are another important material that differentiates classical guitars from acoustic guitars. In classical guitars, you will see nylon strings. On the other hand, in acoustic guitars, you will see steel strings.

The high tension of steel can cause damage to the bridge and neck of classical guitars. And the sound from nylon strings is duller than acoustic guitars. But nylons are easy to play with, and kids don’t feel any pressure in their hands.

The nylon string is a very crucial matter why beginner classical guitars are considered the best guitars for kids. They are easier to play with and do not hurt the tender finger of kids.


A Kids’ guitar produces a mellow and soft sound. Classical guitars acoustic are best for folk, flamenco, classical, and other Latin styles. On the other hand, acoustic guitars produce bright and twang sounds and demands havier finger work.

How does a Beginner Classical Guitars Manufacturer Meet the Supplier’s Demand?

Suppliers depend on the OEM brand for the classical guitars sale. Their brand reputation also depends on the quality provided by the OEM company. Therefore, it is the duty of an OEM brand to provide the exact quality they have been asked for.

In Ariose Music, we never compromise with the quality and therefore follow strict rules and regulations to maintain the optimum quality of our kids’ guitars. Here are the steps how we do that:

Understanding the demand

This is the most crucial portion of manufacturing beginners classical guitar. First, we need to understand the demand of the brand that wants to take our OEM service. We know how important that is, and therefore, we have a dedicated team to take orders and contact the wholesaler.

Our order receiving team works closely with the design and production team to provide the best quote. Providing the approximate lead time according to the product quality is also their duty.

Sample or Prototype Sending

We don’t take any chances with your kids’ guitar, and we know you also don’t want to take chances. If you choose an item from our collection, we send a sample so that you can learn the quality of the beginner classical guitar you will purchase.

If you want any custom design or if you have any special requirements, we build a prototype and send that to your address. If you want to make changes after receiving the sample or prototype, we make those changes and then go for the final production.

Wood Collection and Processing

After you are satisfied with the design and we are sure that we understand what you want, we start sourcing the wood. We collect the best wood ideal for your design and functionalities. Then we process wood with proper care, and an inspection team closely monitors the quality during processing.


After processing the wood, we go for the final production. Our guitar factory is well equipped with futuristic machines and the latest technologies, including robots.

There are many steps involved to manufacture the best classical guitars, and we follow the industry-standard procedure in every step.

Furthermore, we have the best luthiers in the industry who help to build the best quality kids guitar.


Even the best setup in the world makes errors in mass production. That’s why we have an in-house quality control team. Our inspection team works in steps of the entire manufacturing process to ensure you are getting the best classical guitar for sale.

Packaging and Shipping

Lousy packaging will destroy your classical guitars for sale. That’s why we have a dedicated wing of package experts to pack your wholesale beginner classical guitars.  They pack your items with the utmost security and ensure a safe journey through any medium.

And when it comes to shipping, you can ship your kids’ guitar using any shipping mode. We offer every available shipping method in your country.

Besides, we prepare your shipping documents and provide proper documentation on ‘how to handle kids guitar’ to the freight forwarder and carrier.

Why Choose Ariose Music for your Kids Guitar

  • We work with the top guitar and ukulele brands. Different brands for various locations regularly buy classical guitars for sale from us. Some of the top brands we are working for are Best Choice products, Gorge Community Music, Fight ukuleles, Tiger ukuleles, BCP ukuleles, Guitar list dot com,  Kirsten, Kringer music, and many more.
  • We have the best guitar designers who design not only classical aesthetics guitars but also include proper functionalities.
  • Having a state-of-the-art guitar factory is our best strength. Not only beginner classical guitars, but we also produce all types of guitars and ukuleles in our factory. From toy guitars to customized guitars, you can rely on us for quality and durability.
  • Good luthiers are essential to manufacturing excellent guitars. Without expert hands, only technology and machines can not produce the best guitar for kids. Best Chinese luthiers work for Ariose Music, and they are responsible for the premium quality guitars that we export to different parts of the world.
  • We have a dedicated product development team. That team continuously works to develop new guitars and update and upgrade our current collection.
  • We have our own quality testing team. From seasoning the wood to packaging your beginner classical guitar, that team works in every step. Furthermore, you can use your own experts or third-party inspection team to check the quality of your best guitars for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Classical Guitar Good For Beginners?

Classical guitars feel nice to touch and easy to grip. Besides, beginners, especially kids, have soft fingers, and it is quite difficult for them to play steel strings. Kids guitars come with nylon strings which are easy to play with.

Though Beginner classical guitars don’t produce outstanding sound like acoustic guitars, they are an excellent tool for beginners. After learning the chords and scales in beginner classical guitars, it becomes easy for the kids to play an acoustic guitar.

2. Are Nylon String Guitars Good for Beginners?

Yes, they are. Learning guitars is not an easy task. It takes countless hours of practice to learn the chords and scales. The Steel strings are sharp, and beginners, especially kids, can not practice on those strings without injuring their fingers.

So, beginners should start with string guitars, and after learning the basics, they can switch to acoustic guitars.

3. What is your MOQ?

You can order 100 pieces of the kids’ guitar.

4. What is your Lead Time for Classical Guitar for Beginners?

As we have a high-tech factory and expert workers, our lead time is very low. You can receive your order for kids guitars for sale after 7 days of submitting the order.

But the lead time varies according to the shipping method you choose and the distance of your country from China.

Final Words

As one of the best guitar OEM brands in China, we can say that kids guitars have high demand in the market. We deliver thousands of beginner classical guitars each month. If you are looking for a manufacturer, feel free to ask for a sample or submit a quote. Our sales team will contact you shortly.

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