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Beginner Electric Guitars

Beginner Electric guitars are much popular for adults and kids. ArioseMusic produces many OEM brands of kids electric guitar and Adult electric guitar. most beginner electric guitars were manufactured in china’s electric guitars factory. when did you ask what’s the best electric guitars for beginners? to be honest, as an OEM electric guitar factory, the beginner electric guitars material is similar and the quality also is similar even some famous brands such as Fender beginner electric guitar, Yamaha beginner electric guitars, Epiphone beginner electric guitars and so on. In China, the electric guitars’ production base is in Shangdong and Jiangsu province, these are two places that are specialized in producing beginner electric guitars for the world, and 80% of OEM electric guitars are exported to all the world, especially to the American market.

ArioseMusic offers many styles of beginner electric guitars, the best seller is 30″ Kids electric guitar kit and a 39″ ST style electric guitar kit. with factory competitive price. if you are an Amazon seller or have a music store or online shop or branded wholesale and music gift distributor, our beginner electric guitars are your best choice.

The top-selling electric guitar & electric bass set

kids electric guitar with amp

AKE-01 Mini Kids Kit

best kids electric guitar

AKE-02 Electric Guitar Kit

39″Electric Guitar Kit

AKG-01 Electric Guitar Kit

best electric guitar kits

AKG-04 Electric Guitar Kit

Bass Guitar Kit

AKB-01 Bass Guitar Kit

ABG-03 Bass Guitar Kit

AKB-03 Bass Guitar Kit

Beginner Electric Guitars

electric guitar

AKG-01 Beginner Electric Guitar

String Electric Guitar

AKG-02 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-03 Electric Guitar

AKG-03 Beginner Electric Guitar

String Electric Guitar

AKG-04 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-05 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-05 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-06 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-06 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-07 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-07 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-08 TL Electric Guitar

AKG-08 TL Electric Guitar

AKG-10 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-10 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-17 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-17 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-19 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-19 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-21 Beginner Electric Guitar

AKG-21 Beginner Electric Guitar

Beginner Electric Bass

AKB-01 Electric Bass

AKB-01 Electric Bass

AKB-02 Electric Bass

AKB-02 Electric Bass

AKB-03 Electric Bass

AKB-03 Electric Bass

Link to: AKB-04 5 String Electric Bass
AKB-05 Cheap Electric Bass

AKB-05 Electric Bass

AKB-07 Electric Bass

AKB-07 Electric Bass

AKB-08 Electric Bass

AKB-08 Electric Bass

AKB-10 Electric Bass

AKB-10 Electric Bass

AKB-11 Electric Bass

AKB-11 Electric Bass

best electric guitar for kids
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Why Choose ArioseMusic Beginner Electric Guitars

When you visit our page, we know that you are looking for suitable Guitar Factories. Yes, we are the ones. Ariose Guitars is one of the largest manufacturers of string instruments in China. our beginner electric guitar factory is located in  Jiangsu province, here is beginner electric guitars and kids electric guitars production base. our guitar factory OEM more brands guitar buyers including Indio, BCP, Tiger, Rockjam, Flight music Live Music and etc.

  • MOQ=100 PCS
  • OEM brand is welcome
  • 25-35days delivery time in 1x20ft
  • Factory directly sale with competitive price
  • Many kinds of  beginner electric guitars and accessories for choosing
Contact Form Demo (#3)

Question About Beginner Electric Guitar in China??

Electric guitars are very much fun to play, especially when it comes to kids. Most kids like alternative and Rock&Roll music, and they adore kids’ electric guitar. However, there are several things to consider before buying a kids’ electric guitar as it is a sophisticated musical instrument.

Ariose Music is a leading guitar OEM brand in China, and we build the best kids ‘electric guitar. Our electric guitars for kids are sold in many countries under the name of several famous guitar brands.

Ideal Size for Kids Electric Guitar

Size is crucial when you are dealing with kids’ electric guitars. Guitars are like pairs of shoes for kids, and kids can not learn to play them with the wrong size. Young kids have tiny arms and hands, and they can not play big guitars.

So, what is the most common size of the best kids’ electric guitar?

Guitars come in four sizes 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, and the standard size guitar. If we transfer those sizes into actual length, then it will be like this:

  • 1/4 = 30 inch
  • 1/2 = 34 inch
  • 3/4 = 36 inch
  • Full size = 40 inch

For kids between four to six years of age, 30-inch guitars are ideal. But that is not the case for all kids. Not every kid grows up at the same rate. So, if the child is around 4ft 3inch, they can use 1/2 guitars.  Typically kids over six years of age belong to that height group. If kids are between 8 to 11 years old, they can play 3/4 size guitar. Kids over 12 years of age with standard height should use the full-size guitar.

In Ariose music, we start from 1/4 size, which is ideal for kids. Parents don’t need to wait for their kids to grow up to reach those low notes. Our 30-inch kids’ electric guitar is perfect for kids, and they just love to play them.

Best Kids Electric Guitar

Not too many young beginners start with an electric guitar but rather with an acoustic or classical guitar. So, the kids’ electric guitar market is a niche, and very few top brands offer electric guitars for kids.

From our experience, we can say that top brands don’t order many kids’ electric guitars. But that does not mean we don’t receive bug volume orders at all. On the contrary, we receive lots of orders for kids’ electric guitars from medium-range guitar brands.

So, from the buyer’s perspective, they don’t need to go to large brands for the best kids’ electric guitar, but they can buy them from medium brands at an affordable price.

And they don’t offer kids electric guitar only; they often sell them in a bundle such as kids electric guitar with amp and cable.

Amplifiers and cable are necessary for kids’ electric guitars, and we also offer bundle packages for our OEM clients.

How does a Kids Electric Guitar Manufacturer Meet the Buyer’s Demand?

As a top OEM brand in China, we have our own sets of rules to satisfy all of our clients from around the world. We offer the best kids electric guitar, kids electric guitar toys within minimal lead time.

The job of the OEM brand is very critical. The slightest mistake of an OEM brand can ruin the brand value and customer base of a guitar brand. So, in Ariose Music, we strictly follow our rules to provide the best product to our clients.

And that is a reason why we have become a leading OEM guitar brand in a quick time. Here are the steps we follow in Ariose Music to provide the best kids’ electric guitar.

Understanding Client’s Demand

From our point of view, this is the most critical part of producing the best electric guitars for kids. Understanding the clients’ requirements is vital. Any miscommunication there will lead to a complete disaster.

Our sales team works closely with the design and product management team to understand the client’s product requirement and lead time.

Sending Sample

After receiving the quote, we send a sample to the destination address of the client. We think this is an important phase because clients should understand the quality of kids’ electric guitars before placing an order.

Besides, we welcome any customization demanded by our clients. We do not charge for the sample kids’ electric guitars. You just have to pay the shipping cost, which is not significant for a single small electric guitar.

Wood Collection

We use basswood to manufacture our kids’ electric guitars. We source wood from the best wood sourcing agents in China. Wood is the main ingredient of kids’ electric guitars, and any flaw with the wood will result in low-quality guitars.

We have a separate wood processing section in our factory. We process wood under the supervision of wood processing experts.


After we finish the wood processing, we start our production of kids’ electric guitars. Electric guitars are more sophisticated than acoustic or classical guitars. We have the latest machines and state-of-the-art technology to produce the best kids’ electric guitar.

Our guitar factory is also equipped with the best hands in the industry who produce our guitars with optimum care.


We have our own inspection team to work to ensure the best quality for kids’ electric guitars. From wood selection to packaging, the team members actively participate in every section to ensure the highest quality.

Packaging & Shipping

Electric guitars are far more sophisticated than classical or acoustic guitars. Moreover, we provide necessary accessories like amplifier strap, strings, cable, gig bag, picks, and a wrench. Our expert packaging team packs all the accessories and guitars with proper care so that you can get your product intact and secured.

We also help our customers to ship their kids’ electric guitars using any shipping method.

Why Choose Ariose Music for your Kids Electric Guitar

As a top OEM brand in China, we work with top guitar and ukulele brands around the globe. Some of the top guitar brands that use our service are Best Choice products, Gorge Community Music, Fight ukuleles, Tiger ukuleles, BCP ukuleles, Guitar list dot com,  Kirsten, Kringer music, and many more.

We have one of the finest guitar factories in China. Our factory is full of modern machines, up-to-date technology, and professional luthiers.

We have a separate product development team to research new technologies and update and upgrade our existing guitars. Besides, our product development team works with our clients in case of any complicated or customized order.

Our inspection team is full of professional and highly skilled experts who ensure the best product quality. Furthermore, you can use your own inspection team to check the product quality.

Our designers are highly experienced and imaginative. Kids’ electric guitars need to be fashionable so that they attract kids. Our designers ensure that kids will love our color and the design.

Clients can get a free sample and order for customization before production.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your MOQ?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

2. What is your Lead time?

For kids’ electric guitars, you can receive your order after 10 days of making the final payment. The lead time will vary for the shipping methods. For airfreight, the lead time is 10 days, but that will depend on the carrier and distance for other shipping modes.

Final Words

Most teachers prefer acoustic or classical guitar for beginners. But electric guitars are fun and easy to play. That’s why many parents prefer electric guitars for their kids. If you are a guitar supplier, ask for a quote, or you can ask any question about our service. Our sales team will answer you shortly.

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