38 Inch Acoustic Guitars Manufacture Factory

  • Perfect for Beginners and Students. Available in more colors, Great gloss finish.
  • Linden Binding and Full Wood Construction with Chrome Geared Tuning.
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Coffee, Green, Natural, Pink, Purple, Red, Sunburst, White.
  • MOQ:50PCS
Size38 Inch
TOP, Back, Size MaterialBasswood
Head MachineOpen Cast Guitar Tuning Peg

ArioseMusic 38 inches acoustic beginner guitar will satisfy the needs of the beginner beginners looking for a great starter guitar and experience.

looking for a spare to practice with. The overall quality of this package is high. It is a fantastic adult starter guitar or ideal for a child moving to a full-sized acoustic guitar.

Guitar Material:

Good material makes the guitar a good sound. The guitar is featured with a dried basswood top, side and back, 38-inch cutaway and ought body, and high-gloss finish. The maple neck makes the guitar straight, smooth, and sturdy. Engineered wood fingerboard and bridge are all at the standard height of the 38-inch guitar. The acoustic guitar is set with six steel strings, which make the sound warm, open, and powerful.

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Question About Guitar Factory China??

The ArioseMusic Guitar Factory

When you visit our page, we know that you are looking for a suitable guitar factory. Yes, we are the ones.

Everybody loves to have a guitarist in the room. Whether it’s an event or a friendly gathering, a guitar can change the mood instantaneously. Though the history of the guitar is very ancient, it is still considered one of the modern-day miracles. And it is a guitar factory for whom guitars have become so available today at a competitive price.

The Guitar Factory

The Guitar Factory

Are Guitars Made in a Guitar Factory?

Not necessarily. Guitar factories supply most guitars in the market, but they are not the only ones. There are two types of acoustic guitar – Handmade and factory-made.

Guitar luthiers make handmade guitars. Luthiers are people who know guitar very well and the technology behind this. You can bring your guitar to a luthier for repairing purposes also.

Figure 1 – Acoustic Guitar

A Guitar factory, on the other hand, produces guitars in large numbers. They have the logistics, machinery, technology, and the skill to build a large number of guitars in a short time.

The first record of a ‘guitar-like instrument was found 3,000 years ago, and modern-day guitars were first introduced 500 years ago in Spain. But compared to modern-day guitars, early-day guitars were too quiet.

But the modern-day guitars are larger and can easily compete with loud instruments such as banjos or violence. No, you don’t need an electric amplifier for that. Acoustic guitars can compete with loud instruments with just wooden bodies and strings.

Luthiers are the people who have been creating guitars for centuries. But these days, guitar factories are making most of the guitars.

A guitar factory uses cutting-edge technologies such as computer programs, robots, and machines to manufacture ‘The Perfect’ guitar for musicians.

How Much Time Does it Take to Manufacture a Guitar in a Guitar Factory?

A guitar factory has skilled experts who use highly efficient machines, robots to manufacture guitars. But that doesn’t mean they make a guitar too fast. Guitars are complicated instruments and need proper care in every step in the whole manufacturing process.

Typically a guitar factory takes six weeks to produce standard guitars. For more complicated guitars, a guitar factory sometimes takes up to Six Months to create the perfect piece.

As a leading guitar factory in China, we can produce up to 200 to 250 guitars every day.

Want to know the entire process of manufacturing guitar in a guitar factory?

Steps to Manufacture Guitars in a Guitar Factory

Wood collection (Mostly mahogany, maple, or rosewood)

Wood conditioning

Wood Processing

Gluing the wood pieces

Laser cutting



Side bending

Gluing bottom and top

Friezing, Perling and Binding

Sanding and Filling

Drying and Lacquering


Neck and Fretboard cutting


Assembling the neck

Neck fitting

Bridge placement



Quality Check

Final Words

Guitar manufacturing is a complicated task, and every step in the manufacturing phase MUST be precise. In Ariose Music, we use highly efficient machines and the best-skilled workers in the industry to deliver the best quality guitar to our clients.

Are you looking for a guitar factory for mass production or a single prototype? Please send us a message or ask for a quote. Our experts will be in touch with you shortly.