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Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship of Ariosemusic, a distinguished entity in the realm of drumstick manufacturing. Catering to the intricate needs of percussion lovers, Ariosemusic excels in providing both top-tier and customizable drumstick options. While Ariosemusic may not boast its own branded merchandise, it plays a pivotal role in personalizing drumsticks for global wholesalers, importers, and dedicated fans of percussion instruments, consistently receiving high praise for its quality. Explore the unique offerings of Ariosemusic, and elevate your drumming experience today.

TOP 9 Drumsticks Manufacturers in 2023

1. Vic Firth

  • Notable for: Consistency, variety, and durability.
  • Popular Models: 5A, 5B, American Classic series.
  • Specialty: Offers a wide range of sticks for different playing styles, including signature series from famous drummers.
vic firth american classic drumsticks 5a wood tip 1

Vic Firth American Classic drumsticks 5a wood tip

2. Pro-mark

  • Notable for: Innovation and quality.
  • Popular Models: Hickory 5A, 7A, Signature series.
  • Specialty: First to introduce Japanese Shira Kashi™ white oak in drumsticks.
promark classic forward drumsticks hickory 5a wood tip

promark classic forward drumsticks with hickory 5a wood tip 

3. Zildjian

  • Notable for: Balanced sticks and a great feel.
  • Popular Models: 5A, 5B, Artist series.
  • Specialty: Apart from cymbals, they produce high-quality drumsticks catering to various playing styles.
zildjian hickory dip series drumsticks 5a nylon tip black 1

Zildjian hickory dip series drumsticks 5a nylon tip black 

4. Vater

  • Notable for: High-quality products and unique designs.
  • Popular Models: Power 5A, Manhattan 7A, Signature series.
  • Specialty: Family-owned with a wide range of sticks, including unique designs and grips.
vater hickory drumsticks 4 pack 5b wood tip

vater hickory drumsticks 4 pack 5b wood tip

5. Regal Tip

  • Notable for: Inventing the nylon tip drumstick.
  • Popular Models: Classic 5A, 7A, Jazz series.
  • Specialty: Known for their quality and the introduction of the nylon tip.
regal tip jazz drumsticks

regal tip jazz drumsticks

6. Meinl Stick & Brush

  • Notable for: Variety and catering to different preferences.
  • Popular Models: Standard 5A, 5B, Hybrid series.
  • Specialty: Offers a wide range of products including brushes and mallets.
meinl stick

meinl stick

7. Ahead

  • Notable for: Innovative synthetic materials for durability.
  • Popular Models: Classic Series, Lars Ulrich signature model.
  • Specialty: Known for their long-lasting synthetic drumsticks.
Ahead Drumsticks

Ahead Drumsticks

8. Innovative Percussion

  • Notable for: Wide variety catering to concert percussionists and drummers.
  • Popular Models: IP-1, IP-LD, Signature series.
  • Specialty: Offers a broad selection of mallets, sticks, and accessories.
innovative percussion drumsticks

innovative percussion drumsticks

9.  Ariose Music Custom Drum Sticks in China

Ariose Music offers six main types of custom drumsticks with high quality:

Wooden Drumsticks
Nylon Drumsticks
Light Up Drumsticks
Aluminum Drumsticks
Drum Rods
Drum Brushes

Explore the world of personalized drumsticks with Ariosemusic, your ultimate destination for high-quality yet affordable musical gear. Tailor your brand’s identity and make a mark in the industry, whether you are expanding your online business or running a physical music store. With Ariosemusic, you’re not just getting a product; you’re investing in excellence and affordability, outshining the top 8 brands in the market. Choose Ariosemusic, and let’s embark on this musical journey together, ensuring your brand stands tall and resonates with your audience.

Ariose Drumsticks Manufacturer Custom Drumsticks Type

Many Types of Custom drumsticks are made in China! At Ariose Music, we offer Nylon Drumsticks and wooden Drumsticks, Aluminum Alloy Drumsticks and Drum Brushes, and so on. Starting with a 100-pair minimum order, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind drumstick

FAQ-Drumsticks Manufacture in China

Custom drumsticks are personalized percussion tools crafted to meet specific preferences such as length, material, tip type, grip style, and often feature personalized engravings or branding.

Custom drumsticks offer musicians the ability to tailor their drumming experience to their unique style and needs, providing enhanced comfort, control, and performance.

To order custom drumsticks, simply contact a reputable supplier like Ariosemusic and provide them with your desired specifications including material, length, tip type, grip style, and any custom engravings or branding.

Common materials for custom drumsticks include various types of wood like hickory, maple, oak, and synthetic materials like carbon fiber or nylon. details please check above all types of Ariose music Custom Drumsticks.

Yes, most suppliers offer the option to specify the length of your custom drumsticks to match your preferred playing style and technique.

Absolutely, many suppliers offer custom engraving services where you can have your name, logo, or any other design of your choice added to the drumsticks.

The lead time for custom drumsticks can vary depending on the supplier and the level of customization. It’s recommended to inquire about lead times when placing an order.

According to our regular order, the production time will be in 15-25days.

At Ariose Music, our minimum order quantity is 100 pairs of custom drumsticks. let’s start to make your own brand drumsticks.

No problem at all, we are happy to send you a sample to confirm the quality of the product.
If you just want to check the quality of the product, our samples are completely free of charge and you only need to pay for the courier fee.
If you would like us to make a sample for you and print your branding on it, then the cost of printing our logo is $50.0 + the cost of the product itself + shipping, and we will refund the sample fee to you from the order amount at the same time as you place your order.

Proper care for custom drumsticks involves keeping them in a cool, dry place, avoiding extreme temperatures, and occasionally applying a wood conditioner to maintain their longevity.

Remember to reach out to Ariose Music for any additional questions or concerns regarding your custom drumsticks.

Any Others Questions please Contact Ariosemusic Team

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ArioseMusic Drum Sticks Factory Tour

If you are looking for a Custom Drumsticks Manufacturer for your business, this is the right place you come.  In ArioseMusic, you can find the best Drumsticks, Drum Brushes, Drum rods, and accessories made by experienced builders.

  • MOQ<100 Pairs
  • OEM brand is welcome
  • 10 days delivery time in MOQ
  • Factory directly sells at competitive price
  • Many kinds of Drum sticks and  accessories for choosing

Ariose Music Customized Drumsticks Manufacturer

custom drumsticks

Drummers love customized drumsticks. They print logos, names, or short phrases on their favorite drumsticks. In fact, any professional drummer has their own favorite customized drumsticks in their hands.

Nowadays, customized drumsticks have become a trend for drummers. You can find the best customizable drumsticks that are loved by every drummer in ArioseMusic in bulk.

ArioseMusic is the leading OEM brand in China and our custom drumsticks are famous around the world. A lot of popular brands depend on us to get the best and trendy customized drumsticks.

How Does A Customized Drumstick Manufacturer Meet The Requirements Of Wholesalers And Distributors

To provide the best customizable drumsticks. ArioseMusic always maintains the requirements of the clients. We go through a process to achieve our goal, and here it is.

Taking Order

Understanding the client’s requirements is our first priority. When we receive the message from our clients, our sales team provides the information to the design and project management team. Meantime, we calculate the lead time to send the finished customized drumsticks in bulk.

Sending Sample

After receiving the order, we offer free samples to our clients. They can collect them by only paying the shipping costs. Then, we make the changes depending on our client’s requirements.

Collecting Raw Materials

For the best drumsticks, wood is needed the best too. If the raw materials are not good enough, the drumsticks will not last long. So, we have our procurement team who knows the best sourcing agents in China.

After our experts collect the raw materials, our quality control team checks and ensures whether the materials are eligible or not.


After we bring the finest quality raw materials, the final production starts. Now, as the drumsticks are custom-made, we focus on manufacturing them for every specific department in our specific factories.

Also, our machines are modern and high-tech. We always put up-to-date machines in our factory so that we can produce the best-customized drumsticks for our clients.

Quality Test

Custom-made drumsticks are made carefully because if there are any flaws, then the drummers will not like them. So, to ensure we are providing the best to our clients, our quality control team checks the finished products.

The quality control team also checks the raw materials of the custom-printed drumsticks before entering the factory. So, there is no way any drumsticks will go out without the insurance of the quality testing team.

Packaging And Shipping

We have our own expert packaging unit that can overcome any packaging issues and do well packaging. So, the custom engraved drumsticks can be sent to our clients in a proper manner.

Also, we help our clients with any shipping methods. We provide any necessary documents needed for shipping via sea freight or air freight.

Why Choose Ariose Music For Manufacturing Customized Drumsticks

  • Ariose Music is the leading OEM brand in China.
  • Many famous brands like Fighter, BCP, Tiger, Gorge Community Music, Kirsten, Kringer Music, etc. use our OEM services for their custom-made drumsticks.
  • We have experts and always maintain strict procedures in recruiting and working.
  • Our factories are one of the best in China. All the factories have expert workers and up-to-date high-quality machines.
  • We have our own product development team who are always researching the products and figuring out new ways to develop them.
  • We are always updated with the music industry. You can get trendy, fashionable, and functional products from us.
  • Our lead time is very minimal. Within seven days, you can get the manufactured products (This time is only included for air freight. For sea freight, the time depends on the route and destination).
  • We provide free samples before submitting the final orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How Do You Print Or Engrave On Drumsticks?

There are many techniques that can be used to print drumsticks. You can use-

  • Pad printing
  • Embossed Printing
  • Laser Engraved Printing/Full Wrap Around Printing

print logo on drumsticks

print logo on drumsticks

colorful drumsticks

colorful drumsticks

engraved logo

Engraved logo

We have expert designers who can help you to print your logo or signatures on your drumsticks.

To engrave on drumsticks, you need to first pick your drumsticks and font and the writing that you want to engrave. Then the computerized laser engraver engraves the exact message into your drumsticks.

This is how you can make your custom-printed and custom-engraved drumsticks.

2. Which Wood Is Best For Custom Made Drumsticks?

All the woods have their own advantage in different types of music. You can use Maple drumsticks in jazz music and oak for hard rock/metal.

A survey shows that Hickory drumsticks are liked by almost all the drummers. Because of the weight, texture, density, flexibility, etc. in all ways, hickory has performed an average score.

Also, they are hard and last longer than other types of sticks.

3. What Is Your Lead Time For Supplying Custom Drumsticks in Bulk?

Depending on the shipping method, we can determine the lead time. If you choose air freight as your shipping method, then we can send your custom drumsticks in bulk within 7 days.

But if you choose ocean freight as your shipping option, it can vary depending on the route and your destination.

4. What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

The minimum number of drumsticks that you can order is 100 pieces.

Final Words

Customized drumsticks are the first choice of every drummer nowadays. So, if you are a business and looking for unique and trendy custom drumsticks, ArioseMusic can help you out.

Just send us a message and we will respond to you straight away.

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