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Types of Recorder Instrument

As a recorder instrument, the sound is amazing. we offer Kids Recorder, Soprano Recorder, Plastic Recorder, Recorder for Beginners.  ArioseMusic all recorder instruments are suitable for beginners to play, as a school musical instrument for students, also can as a present before going to school.

Kids Recorder

Kids Recorder


soprano recorder

Soprano Recorder


Children’s Recorder

Plastic Recorder 


beginner recorder

Beginner Recorder 


musical recorder instrument

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If you are looking for a Recorder Instrument for your business, this is the right place you came. In ArioseMusic, you can find the best recorder instrument made by experienced builders.

  • MOQ<500 PCS
  • OEM brand is welcome
  • 10days delivery time in MOQ
  • Factory directly sale with competitive price
  • Many kinds of Recorder Instrument types for choosing

Recorder Instrument

Are you a music instrument supplier and looking for an excellent quality Recorder Instrument for your customers? Well, you have landed the right place as Ariose Music is the leading Recorder Instrument OEM brand in China and produces the best quality Recorder Instrument.

The recorder is a flute-like musical instrument. The instrument is shaped like a tube, and one end is bigger than the other. A player puts the larger end into their mouth and blows to produce music.

Though it is an old instrument, people started to learn it again in the 1900s. People wanted to use old instruments to play music, and another important reason was the children. A Recorder is an easy instrument for kids to play.

In the 20th-century plastic, recorders were invented. Depending on the manufacturer, they are cheap and vary significantly in quality. Plastic recorders or soprano recorders are easy to learn and play, and that’s why kids love to play them.

We manufacture the best recorder instrument in China and work with top music brands around the globe.

Kinds of Recorder and their Types

There are different types of Recorder Instruments. Most Recorder Instruments have the lowest note of C or F.  The soprano recorder is a kind of recorder that is used in schools, and they are also famous as Descant.

A soprano recorder’s lowest note is C. However, there are some recorders smaller than a soprano recorder, but they are not commonly used. Alto is another type of recorder that is bigger than a soprano recorder with the lowest tone of F. There is a tenor recorder with the lowest note of C and the bass recorder with the lowest note of F. Recorders larger than bass are not typical and used by exceptional musicians.

We manufacture the best recorder for child beginners, and our soprano recorder is one of our top-selling instruments.

How Does a Recorder Instrument Manufacturer Work with Suppliers?

We manufacture the best recorder instrument maintaining the exact requirements of the customers. From order taking to shipping your soprano recorder, we maintain the highest level of professionalism.

We know, as a musical instrument supplier, your brand value depends on us. And we are committed to maintaining the brand image you have earned and expanding that further.

Understand the Requirement

The first step to manufacturing the best recorder instrument starts from understanding the requirement of the client. As an OEM brand, we know, every client is not the same, and each of them has different needs.

Our sales team takes the requirement and shares that with our design and project management team. They prepare the quote according to the client’s requirements. We discuss the material and projected lead time with the clients.

Sending Sample

No brand wants to place an order without seeing the sample. And from our experience, we also want them to observe the sample before placing the final order. When you work with Ariose Music, you don’t need to pay for the sample. We provide free samples to our customers, and they can receive that just by paying the shipping charges.

We take custom orders and provide samples according to the design. Besides, we customize the sample according to the client’s requirements.

Soprano Recorder Supplies

Raw materials are the key to every perfect Recorder Instrument. And we never compromise with the quality of the raw materials. We know the best sourcing agents in China, and they provide the best quality plastic and other raw materials needed for the best recorder instrument.

We test the raw materials and store them in such a way that they don’t damage.


We go for the final product when our project management team is satisfied with everything. When we are sure about the design and raw materials, then we prepare our factory and start producing Recorder Instrument.

We have one of the finest Recorder Instrument factories in China. Our factory is full of highly efficient machines, robots and other states of the art technology. We also hire the best workers in the industry to ensure the best product quality.


Like any other musical instrument, the Recorder Instrument is also a sophisticated product. Without a proper inspection, it is never possible to manufacture the best recorder instrument. Therefore, we have an in-house inspection team to test your best recorder for child beginner.

Our inspection team starts their inspection when raw materials enter the warehouse. They also perform routine inspections inside the warehouse. Every manufacturing step is inspected, and no Recorder Instrument can leave the factory without a green signal from the inspection team.

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging is vital, especially for musical instrument distributors. Recorder Instruments are very sophisticated items and can break or be dysfunctional if the packaging is casual. We have a dedicated packaging team to pack your best recorder instrument with proper care.

We also offer shipping services. You can choose any shipping method for your best recorder for child beginners. We provide shipping documents, instructions to handle the recorders for freight forwarders and carriers.

Customer Service

We are always committed to building a long-term relationship with our customers. Therefore, we always provide support to our customers and help them to solve any issue. If you face any problem with our products or have any idea, you can share it with our customer service team.

Why Choose Ariose Music as your wholesale Recorder Instrument Supplier?

  • Ariose Music is a leading ukulele OEM brand in China. We are working with the top musical instruments distributors all over the world. To mention some of the top brands currently, we are working with our Best choice products, Fight ukuleles, Kringer music, BCP ukuleles, Tiger ukuleles, Gorge Community Music, Kirsten, Guitar list dot com, and many more.
  • Our soprano recorder factory is complete with state-of-the-art machinery and technologies.
  • We follow a strict procedure in our recruiting policy, and all of our designers, engineers, and workers are highly experienced and skilled.
  • An in-house quality control team inspects everything from the beginning to the end of production.
  • We have a product development team to work with new products and upgrade current products.
  • We have in-house designers and builders, selection, and we offer the most competitive price in the Chinese market.
  • We offer free samples for our customers.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to Play the Recorder For Beginners

Here are the steps:

  • The index finger will cover the first hole
  • The middle finger will cover the second hole
  • Thumb will cover the spokesperson hole.
  • Now blow to make a sound output.
  • There are many online lesson websites and youtube videos to help kids learn

2. Do you have a factory?

Yes, we are a leading OEM brand in China, and we have our own Recorder Instrument factory.

3. Do you provide a sample before placing an order?

Yes, we do. Moreover, we provide a free sample. You just have to pay the shipping cost.

4. What is your MOQ?

You can order 100 pieces of Recorder Instrument.

5. What is Your Lead Time for Recorder Instrument?

Lead time depends on the shipping method. If you choose air freight, we can deliver your soprano recorder in 7 to 10 days. But if you use sea or train freight, the lead time will depend on the distance and other factors related to shipping.

Final Words

The Recorder Instrument is less expensive and an easy learn a musical instrument. That’s why it has high demand in the market. If you are a musical instrument brand or supplier and looking for a soprano recorder feel free to contact us. Our sales team will contact you shortly.