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Accordion For Kids

Piano Kids Accordion

Piano Kids Accordion


Piano accordions have piano keyboards on the right side. It is like the typical piano in style and form.

Button Kids Accordion

Button Kids Accordion


The button accordion has buttons on the right side that have different configurations. But every button accordion possesses a single note button and chord and brass buttons.

Toy Kids Accordion

Toy Kids Accordion


Designed with easy-to-grab handles, it’s perfect for little hands. as it is easy to push and pull the soft rubber accordion

Let’s Take A Quick Know To The Process Of Manufacturing

Making the parts of Outer Plastic

  • Our own factory-made in outer parts of the accordion. The wooden parts are typically cut into the appropriate shapes by jigs and presses.  detailed you may visit the following videos. This is an automated process in which the wood passes by these machines and is then cut.
  •  The plastic components of the accordion such as the buttons and keys are usually produced by injection molding. In this approach, plastic is supplied as granules or powder and is fed into a large hopper. It is then heated, converting it into a liquid that can then be forcibly injected into a mold. After it cools, it solidifies and maintains its shape after the die is opened.

Assembling the reeds, keyboards, and casings

  • After the individual parts are made, partial assembly begins. The reeds are riveted, or screwed, to an aluminum alloy reed plate. This plate has two slots, and the reeds are attached over each on opposite sides. On the open end of each slot, a leather or plastic valve is secured.
  • The reed plates are then arranged in a specific order and attached to a wooden reed block. Depending on the model, three or four of these blocks are put in the treble and bass side casings. The treble keyboard is attached to the reed block, and the bass side buttons and keyboards are also attached.

Final assembly

  • Produce the sound bellows. It is made by folding and pleating strong cardboard and reinforcing it with leather and steel strips. The treble and brass casings are attached to it and sealed with wax to prevent air leakage.
  • After the main parts have been assembled, various decorative finishing touches are put on the accordion. For example, the instrument is painted, the treble grill is attached, and the manufacturer’s name is added.

Quality Checking & Packing 

  • After assembly, our QC will check the surface whether is painted well, and pick up the nonconforming produces to rework. then our skilled person will check the sound of the kids’ accordion. also during the production process, the quality of each accordion is verified by trained line inspectors and craftspersons. They perform visual inspections at each step and detect most flaws.
  • At last Packing, the kids’ accordion into a color box or neutral packing box then in a carton to ship the worldwide customers.

Colorful Kids Accordion

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As a leading OEM manufacturer and supplier of musical instruments in China, Ariose Music has been serving valuable large kids accordion brands, wholesalers, or suppliers for many years around the globe. We offer the best kid’s accordions for sale.

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  • OEM brand is welcome
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Kids Accordion

Kids accordions are one of the ideal instruments for a kid’s fundamental music steps. They can be the perfect stepping stones for beginners to start learning musical techniques with simplicity and rhythmic experience.

With the beginner accordions, the kids will be capable of syncing a combination of melody and harmony in music structures. These are basic aspects of early music steps that help beginners to progress for advanced musical techniques. This is why kids accordions are gaining high popularity among beginners in music learning.

If you are an accordion supplier or wholesaler looking into kid’s accordions, you have reached the perfect place. Ariose Music is a leading supplier in China, meeting the demand for kid’s accordion and various musical instruments worldwide.


Features Of The Kids Accordion


Fitting Size For Kids

The typical accordions come in regular sizes. It makes the instrument hard to handle by beginners, mostly for kids. Considering the idea for kids handing over the age of three years, Ariose Music designed the child-size accordions with a dimension of 7 in ✕ 4 in ✕ 7 in. This is the ideal fitting size for kids’ hands.

Adjustable Strap

The child-size accordions come with an adjustable strap for convenient handling. The strap facilitates the user to hold and play the accordion with suitable movement comfortably.

Melodious Sound With Versatile Options

The beginner accordions are designed with 7 keys and 3 buttons for bass options. With proper syncing and combinations, kids can create a variable range of music outputs.  Ariose Music prioritizes the instrument to deliver authentic melodious sound.

Portable And Light

Due to the smaller size and lightweight features, the mini accordions are comfortable for kids to carry around and store at their convenience.

Premium Material

All the individual components of mini accordions at Ariose Music are manufactured from premium quality materials, including ABS plastic and high-quality wood. It ensures its durability over long-term usage.

How Does The Kids Accordion Manufacturer Meet The Supplier’s Demand

As a leading OEM manufacturer and supplier of musical instruments in China, Ariose Music has been serving valuable large kids accordion brands, wholesalers, or suppliers for many years around the globe. We offer the best kid’s accordions for sale.

We highly focus on maintaining the best quality of product with consistent grades. The reliability of suppliers over our products and core values helped us achieve a leading position as a musical instrument supplier. Here are some further details on how we secure satisfaction among our clients.

Understanding Client’s Demand

One of the most important aspects of a successful business lies in understanding the optimum client’s demand. Ariose music highly focuses on producing kids’ accordions with specified product requirements suitable to clients’ demands.

In this perspective, we house a highly skilled and experienced product management team to keep track of the latest requirement conditions. We follow up with the most effective, practical, and suitable steps to satisfy our client demands.


For inquiries on beginner accordions, you can leave a message on our website or mail. Just make sure to specify suitable information for quotations. If you are unsure of any specifics, you can ask in detail within the message.

Our sales and management team are always ready to clear you of any necessary information. Once clarified, they instantly forward the specifics to our design team. We will then create an outline following your specifications and calculate estimated costs with the required production time. You can cross-check the variables to proceed further.

Sending Sample

At Ariose Music, we understand your necessity to justify the product quality before the final order. We are confident of our ability to produce the best quality product. So, we encourage you to ensure quality checks through sample analysis. For final order placement, you might request any alterations or proceed directly with ongoing specifics.

Raw Material Collection

Wood and plastic are the main ingredients used in the production of mini accordions. We select a high-quality wood that is lightweight yet durable in properties. As plastic, use ABS, which is an environmentally friendly material and ensures durability for long-term usage. Moreover, its non-toxic property assures safety for the kids.


The final design is drafted following the clients’ approved design. Once suitable material is gathered, we start the production of beginner accordions through a step-by-step process. Our production team carefully evaluated each step to avoid any errors for the next steps.

Moreover, we use modern technology and the latest instruments in the production line. All these factors help us to ensure the highest-graded product output with authentic sound quality. This is one of the significant factors which helped us gain a significant edge over other producers.

Quality Inspection

We don’t only rely on product quality and production methods for high-quality products. Our quality inspection team checks through each of the individual mini accordions to establish all their defining qualities, especially the music output. They cross-check an extensive list of factors before labeling the ready accordion for sale.

Packaging & Shipping

Mini accordions are delicate products. We pack them with supporting installations at specified orientation to ensure their safety during shipment. For shipment, you are free to choose any shipping option at your convenience. We will make sure to prepare sufficient documents required for courier service.

Why Choose Ariose Music for your Kids Accordion

  • Our highly experienced and skilled experts at Ariose Music are best in producing the highest-graded mini accordions. This will give you a significant edge in the market.
  • We make use of the latest technology and tools in manufacturing beginner accordions.
  • Ariose music is one of the leading OEM brands in China for musical instruments. We work with some of the top brands in the music industry such as Fight ukuleles, Gorge Community Music, BCP ukuleles, Tiger ukuleles, Kirsten, Guitar list dot com,  Kringer music, and many more.
  • We extensively inspect each product before packaging to avoid any faulty product.
  • We guarantee a promised lead time for product delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Your MOQ?

We offer a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100 pieces for kids’ accordions.

2. What Is Your Lead Time?

With air freight, we can deliver you kids’ accordions within 7 days. But if you choose other forms of freight through land or sea, the lead time will vary based on distance and relevant factors.

3. Are Kids Accordions Suitable For Kids Of All Ages?

The child-size accordions are recommended for anyone above age 3.

4. Are Kids Accordions Miniature Versions Of Regular Accordions?

Child size accordions are smaller in dimensions than regular accordions. They are also designed with simple functions to help beginners learn.


Final Words

Child size accordions are great ways for beginners and kids to dive into the world of music. Different music institutions recommend them for beginners to develop coordination with musical instruments. So, they have high demand in the market. If you are interested in them, send your inquiry to us any moment. Ariose Music will happily respond to you within the shortest instance.