Melodica Keyboard. 

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What would you like to know about our melodica instrument factory?

  • We only offer wholesale services and not retail.
  • Our best-selling items from the factory are the 32-key and 37-key student melodicas, both of which come with a canvas bag.
  • Our factory offers custom branding services for canvas bags and melodica instruments. We have a minimum order quantity of 500 sets.
  • The minimum order quantity for regular items without logos is 60 sets.

Feature of Melodica Instrument

  • Great for kids and student beginners. You can play the melodica on the table, or even hold it in your hand with the strap on the back of the melodica and play it with the other hand.
  • Equipped with a comfortable handle strap, which is easy to hold, and is used for standing and playing without slipping. You can blow directly into the melodica but also use the tube to play it like a piano.
  • This melodica is similar to piano keys, with high playability and the keys are very bright. Each note is correctly tuned and durable to use. You can play chords and single notes, sharps, and flats.

Melodica Keyboard Description

Ariose Melodica Keyboard:

melodica sound

melodica colors


melodica piano


melodica prices

melodica notes

Online Retailers: We have a very low MOQ, which makes us perfect for the market.

Major Wholesales: We offer a wide range of customization services to meet your unique needs.

Brand Manufacturers: Our melodica instrument is ideal for OEM production to enhance your brand’s appeal.

Start your musical instrument business by ordering Ariose Music’s exceptional children’s harmonica.

  • Material
  • Color
  • Size
  • Package
  • Custom Design
  • MOQ
  • Accessories
  • Base Material: Copper
    Reed Material: Phosphor Bronze
    Body Material: Non-Toxic ABS
  • 6 colors for choosing
  • 490mm x 110mm x 40mm
  • Light-weight plastic case
  • Welcome
  • 60PCS
  • 1 x 37 Key Melodica
    1 x Plastic Hardbox
    1 x Mouthpieces
    1 x Tubes
    1 x Wipe Cloth

Samples Note

1. Custom samples need to pay for the sample charge, but it can be refundable after the order is confirmed. Sample Lead Time: 7-10 days.

2. Regular items of melodica instruments are in stock, Shipping costs & Sample fees are on your own. Sample Lead Time: 3 days

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