32 Hole Harmonica

Ariose Music Children’s Harmonica, also known as a kids’ harmonica, is a compact and simplified rendition of the traditional harmonica, specifically crafted with children in mind. Featuring 16 holes, this harmonica is constructed from a combination of plastic and sturdy wood, adorned with vibrant and eye-catching patterns on its wooden surface. It enjoys popularity as a favored musical instrument among children. Notably, this model offers an affordable price point, and we also provide the option for custom pattern designs upon request

Wooden: Gifts for your kids.

Harmonica Wooden: Well-made of wood and plastic, their surface is smooth, and they don’t damage your kid’s mouth.

For kids-:cute printing design with exquisite detail makes them beautiful.

Wood Harmonica: Colorful design attracts your kid’s attention.

For Kids: They can promote grasp, hands, brain, senses, emotions, hearing ability, parent-child communication, etc.

32 Hole Harmonica

  • Material: Wooden + ABS + Copper
  • Size: 13*2.8*2.2cm
  • 16 Hole Wooden Harmonica: Pitch-perfect sound for young musical enthusiasts. The musical instrument is the perfect way to encourage your little one’s love of music while they experiment and play
  • Ideal for beginners, this wooden 16-hole harmonica offers an easy and enjoyable learning experience. It serves as the perfect starting point to ignite a passion for music!

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