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Where to buy professional best melodica in china?

The melodica, despite gaining popularity in recent years, is still an instrument that not a lot of people seem to understand. That is why we have put together this FAQ. Whether you want to discover what a melodica is, or whether you are looking for a decent China melodica, all of the information that you need can be found right here.

What is Melodica?

A melodica is a wind instrument, albeit one with a very small twist.

The note board of the melodica looks exactly like a piano. It feels like it too. The keys are in exactly the same place that they would be if you played the piano. In fact, it is so similar that many people can make the jump from piano to melodica without any issues.

The melodica’s keyboard won’t make a single sound unless you blow into the mouthpiece, though. This mouthpiece is very similar to blowing a recorder, or even a trumpet. However, you don’t have to pay attention to the regulation of your breathing all that much. The harder you breathe, the louder the melodica gets. The softer your breathing, the quieter. So, while you are tapping away on the piano-style keys, you can add a real dynamic to your music.

what is melodica

Melodicas are available in a few different shapes and sizes. The shape and size will determine what the melodica sounds like. This means the range of tones that they have i.e. whether it produces a high-pitched or a low-pitched sound. If you are getting started with the instrument, then we recommend that you start with either an alto or tenor melodica. These are the types available:

  • Bass melodica: these melodicas will have the deepest bass sound possible.
  • Tenor melodicas: most melodicas will be tenor melodicas. They have a lower-pitched sound that can easily fit into most types of music.
  • Soprano melodica: this type of melodica can hit the high-pitch notes well.
  • Alto melodica: these melodicas are also high-pitched. However, they are ever so slightly lower than a soprano.

What is a Melodica Made Of?

Melodicas can be made from a variety of different materials. If you purchase a China melodica or something down the lower end of the market, then it is likely that you will be purchasing a plastic melodica.

As you start to dive into the more expensive melodica options, you are more likely to find them made from metal or wood.

The material the melodica is made of will have a massive impact on the tone that it produces, although this is probably not going to matter that much to somebody just getting started with the instrument.

melodica material

The Top and the Best Melodica Manufacturers

There are several different major manufacturers of melodica out there.

Yamaha is often regarded as one of the better manufacturers. This makes sense. After all, Yamaha is well known for producing some amazing pianos. This instrument is just a small extension of that.

Next up is Suzuki. You will find many pros playing a Suzuki instrument.

You can’t really go far wrong with a Hohner melodica, though. This company invented the instrument back in the 50s, so it makes sense that they make the best melodicas. They aren’t cheap, but they are always going to offer the best possible sound.

How Do I Choose the best Melodica?

There are several things that you will need to think about when you are choosing your melodica.

Perhaps your biggest decision will be how much you want to spend on a melódica. Some of them can be as cheap as $20, and they can go all the way up to $700+. Obviously, the more you spend on the melodica, the better it will sound.

If you are just getting started with melodica, then choose an alto or tenor melodica. If you are purchasing a cheap melodica, then it will likely be a tenor.

Ideally, the melodica that you choose will cover three octaves. Cheaper melodicas will cover only two. This means that you have less of a range when you are playing your music.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the material used too. Cheap melodicas will be made from plastic. However, if you want the best-sounding melodicas on the market, you need to go for wood.

Which Chinese Melodica Manufacturer Can You Trust?

For an affordable Chinese melodica, ArioseMusic is one of the best companies out there. We have a massive range of instruments available.

About Education Instrument-Melodica Instruments

Learning to play musical instruments is a good hobby for children and also a source of entertainment. Most children have not played any musical instrument earlier, so parents are interested in purchasing Educational Instruments like the Harmonica, Accordion, and Melodica which are easy to learn. They are also affordably priced. Hence online and offline retailers who wish to find suppliers of Educational Instruments for students can contact us for all their requirements since we can provide a wide range of musical instruments to cater to their requirements. Retailers can save time and money purchasing all the musical instruments they require from one place.

For the convenience of online retailers who do not wish to stock the musical instruments on their premises, we also offer a drop shipping service. They can specify the name of their customer, and we will directly ship to the customer. Being of the top suppliers of musical instruments we also supply the musical instruments to schools, music teachers, and other bulk buyers.

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Melodica Instrument

Ariose Music is a leading melodica instrument manufacturer in China. We are an OEM musical instruments manufacturer and provide top-quality melodica musical instruments to small to large melodica instrument brands.

Melodica is a lovely little instrument, and they have been in the music industry since the 1950s by German company Hohner. But there have been similar types of instruments in Italy since 1800. Melodica is a different type of musical instrument. Here players need to use both their hands and mouth to play it.

These days you would see melodica music instruments in various scenarios. But more often, the melodica instrument is used as an introductory instrument for young people. Especially in Asia, the Melodica instrument is trendy among young people. Besides, some specific music genres need this particular instrument.

Types of Melodica Instrument

There are different types of melodica musical instruments are every instrument has its unique features. In Ariose Music, we provide every kind of melodica instrument as per our clients’ requirements.

We can categorize melodica instruments into five categories:

  • Bass
  • Alto
  • Tenor
  • Soprano

The soprano is the most common melodica instrument among all, and they provide the highest pitch. Alto and Tenor are also popular and used by many musicians. Alto has a similar type of range as Soprano, but tenor is considered as a low pitch melodica.

There is also a special type of melodica called, Notes. They have the lowest pitch among all other classes, and they are highly expansive. Besides, users can not hold the instrument in their hands and place it on a table. They don’t have a very high demand on the market.

How Does a Melodica Instrument Manufacturer Meet the Wholesaler or Supplier’s Demand

As a leading OEM brand for musical instruments in China, we follow strict procedures to follow our clients worldwide. We offer the best quality melodica instrument and maintain the highest level of professionalism.

OEM brands play a crucial role in maintaining the brand value of a musical instrument supplier. A tiny mistake by the OEM company can ruin the image of a supplier. Ariose Music is very much careful about the fact and never gets a complaint from our clients.

Here are the steps we follow to satisfy wholesalers and suppliers of Melodica instruments:

Receiving order

This is the first step of providing the best quality melodica instrument. If we don’t understand what our customers want we won’t be able to deliver the exact quality. We have a team to receive an order from clients and work on that.

Team members closely work with the designer and production team to avoid miscommunication between the customer and us. Also, we ensure the lead time for the melodica instrument when we receive the order.

Sample Sending

You can not be sure about the product quality without experimenting with the sample. That’s why we provide samples before going for the final production. We do not charge for the sample melodica musical instrument, and our clients can receive those just by paying the shipment cost.

We also welcome customization to our sample. You can change the design, look, or add additional functionality to the instrument, and our design team will adjust the sample accordingly.

Raw Material Collection

Raw materials are the key to a good quality melodica instrument. Our procurement team knows the best sourcing agents in China. We bring the best raw materials that match the budget and design of your melodica instruments.

We also maintain a strict procedure to test the raw materials. We also correctly store raw materials so that the raw materials stay fine.

Final Production

We start the final product when we are satisfied with the above factors. After confirming the design and collecting the raw materials, we start the final production. There are several sections to build different parts of the melodica instruments and then assemble them.

We have one of the finest factories in China to build the best quality melodica musical instruments. We use the latest machinery, state-of-the-art technologies, and robots in our factory.

Moreover, our factory workers are highly experienced and work with the highest level of professionalism.

Quality Ensure

Melodica musical instrument is a sophisticated musical instrument. Any slight mistake in any sector can destroy the music coming out from the beautiful instrument. Therefore, we ensure the quality in each and every sector from beginning to packaging.

We have our in-house quality ensuring team, and they test the product quality in various steps of production. Besides, they test the packaging quality and the quality of the raw materials before entering the production house.

Packaging and Shipping

This is a very crucial phase for wholesalers or suppliers. Musical instruments are sophisticated items, and melodica instruments are more sophisticated for their features. Slightly casual packaging can destroy your shipment.

When it comes to shipping your goods, we offer various options for our clients. You can choose any shipping method that suits your product and budget.

Why Choose Ariose Music for your Melodica Instrument

As a top OEM brand in China, we work with top musical instruments suppliers around the globe. Some of the top brands that use our service are Best Choice products, Gorge Community Music, Fight ukuleles, Tiger ukuleles, BCP ukuleles, Guitar list dot com,  Kirsten, Kringer music, and many more.

Our factory is well equipped with state of the art technologies, efficient and modern machines. An excellent factory always ensures the best quality instruments. Moreover, all of your melodica musical instruments are of the same quality from a good factory.

Our product development team is always working on updating and upgrading our existing products. They also search for the latest trends and develop such melodica instruments for our clients.

We have a separate inspection team. The team members are highly skilled and have industry experience of many years. They always ensure the best quality.

We have creative and skilled designers for melodica instruments. If you have any custom designs in your mind, our designers will help you to design that.

We offer free samples of any part of the world.

We have a very low lead time. You can even receive your melodica musical instruments within 7-10 days (in air freight).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your MOQ?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

2. What is your Lead time?

You can receive your order for melodica musical instruments after 7-10 days of making the final payment. The lead time will vary for the shipping methods. For airfreight, the lead time is ten days, but that will depend on the carrier and distance for other shipping modes.

3. Do You Have A Factory?

Yes, we have a dedicated factory for melodica instruments.

Final Words

Melodica instrument is a popular musical instrument, especially in Asia, and a handy instrument to begin one’s musical journey. If you are a melodica instrument supplier, ask for a quote, or you can ask any question about our service. Our sales team will answer you shortly.